Your CFO’s new BFF: Meet Cube

The company: Cube

Cube is a next-generation FP&A (financial planning & analysis) platform that empowers finance professionals to deliver faster, more strategic insights that drive the business forward. Cube streamlines manual data transformation, reduces errors, and improves collaboration to help businesses make smarter decisions lickety-split – Think enterprise FP&A meets the flexibility of a spreadsheet. And unlike traditional enterprise offerings, the solution can go live in just days, without the need for external consultants.

The details

Automation has made its way into the CFO tech stack via tools like Expensify for expense reports, for invoicing, and Carta for equity management. But now Cube is changing the game by elevating the CFO’s vantage point. It untangles manual spreadsheets, taps key business systems for data, and brings it all together in a platform that gives CFOs clean visibility into the key insights of their businesses. CFOs can go from numbers to narrative in record time. 

How it works

The Cube platform ingests all of a business’s vital data sources (e.g. ERP, CRM, HRIS, etc.), as well as forward-looking financial and operational models, and transforms them into a single source of truth that’s easy to access and manage. Powerful analytics give CFOs faster access to strategic insights, and deep spreadsheet integrations and intelligence means the platform is easy enough for anyone to use. 

Why you should pay attention

FP&A is strategic to the business – but it’s also still highly manual, time-consuming, and fraught with errors. This is an area that has historically been underserved and is ripe for disruption. Cube was founded and is led by Christina Ross, a former CFO herself who’s seen these challenges firsthand. Cube’s leadership team has been in the trenches, and they’re blazing a trail away from frustrating, manual, error-prone processes to a flexible, powerful, collaborative FP&A solution.  

Why we’re obsessed

Nearly 90% of companies are still using spreadsheets to manage all of their forward-looking planning, analysis, and reporting. The lion’s share of analyst time is spent on searching for and consolidating data. The model is broken: FP&A is desperately in need of a more collaborative approach. Built by finance for finance, Cube has both the innovation and leadership to drive that change. 

Get involved

Get faster, smarter, simpler financial planning and analysis; then get ready to make sharper, better, faster business decisions. Go on – Get Cube. Your CFO will thank you.

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