Wanna checkout fast? Check out Fast.

The company: Fast

Fast is the one-click, no-password e-commerce shopping disruptor that is making buying online faster, safer, and easier for both consumers and merchants. By making it simple to complete transactions across devices and across platforms the company is shaking up the multi-billion dollar ecommerce market. 

Co-founded by serial entrepreneur Domm Holland (Tow) and operations heavy-weight and tech investor Allison Barr Allen (Uber, PwC), Fast lets consumers track shipments and reorder items all in one place. It helps merchants improve the e-commerce checkout process and push those dreaded abandoned carts through the checkout process and onto business’ sales ledger. 

Why you should pay attention 

The young company was named as one of the Retail Tech 100 innovators who are transforming retail and it made Business Insider’s Top 100 Starutps of 2020. It’s garnering such early attention because it’s improving the online purchase checkout process, which has remained stagnant for 30 years. Customers abandon up to 80% of potential online purchases because of friction during checkout, which can involve filling out an average of 23 fields just to make a single online purchase. Fast is making buying online fast, easy, and safe and in doing so they’re building the world’s fastest online login and checkout platform. 

How it works

Fast Login and Fast Checkout enable a one-click sign-in and purchasing experience. The company’s products work on any browser, device, or platform to deliver a consistent, stress-free purchasing experience. Fast is entirely consumer-focused and invests heavily in its users’ privacy and data security.  

Why we’re obsessed 

Fast lets consumers forget passwords, skip long entry forms, and shop securely online with a single click. It gives businesses the checkout button that increases conversion, boosts sales and delights customers. Fast Checkout installs for businesses in minutes and Fast Login gives consumers a hassle-free experience and lets them check out in seconds. It’s safe, easy, and fast.

How Fast? 

One click. No passwords. Get the world’s fastest checkout. Get Fast. 

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