Operator Collective Fund invests primarily in b2b companies where we can help the leadership team accelerate, grow, and scale. Our investment decisions are guided by tech’s most successful enterprise investors, including the first investor in Salesforce, the first investor in Zoom, and some of the most respected minds in Silicon Valley and beyond. We are stage agnostic, but tend to focus on enterprise companies that have product, product-market fit, and repeatable revenue.





Mallun “We basically said, if I was building a company, who’s on the dream team of people I’d want to access as I'm building that company? And then we put that group together.”
— Mallun Yen, Operator Collective Founder and General Partner
Rachel “To know there’s a resource out there full of people that have beat these same challenges – a group you can access as you go? You can’t put a price on that kind of help.”
— Rachel Carlson, Guild Education Founder & CEO, Operator Collective LP
Rachel Carlson - Founder CEO Guild Education
Eric “Whenever you need help, Operator Collective is a one-stop-shop. It’s much easier, and I truly believe it’s unique.”
— Eric Yuan, Zoom Founder & CEO, Operator Collective LP
Eric Yuan-Founder and CEO-Zoom
Magdalena "If you want to compete, just having your own founding team isn't enough. You need to have access to the right information and people to get a competitive edge. Operator Collective gives you that advantage." — Magdalena Yesil, Operator Collective Senior Advisor Magdalena Yesil - First Investor and Founding Board Member Erica “Operator Collective is solving two problems: It's bringing more operating expertise to portfolio companies, and it's getting more diversity into the venture ecosystem.”
— Erica Schultz, Confluent President, Operator Collective LP
Erica Schultz-CRO-New Relic
Tekedra “This model is different, and I believe Operator Collective is going to help find and surface under appreciated founders who can do much better than what the traditional venture route finds.”
— Tekedra Mawakana, Waymo Co-CEO, Operator Collective LP
Tekedra Mawakana-Chief External Officer-Waymo
Leyla “You don't just get to talk to the people that built Salesforce, Cisco, and Stripe. You can't just go ask them, ‘Hey, how did you do this?’ Only now you can.”
— Leyla Seka, Operator Collective Partner
Leyla Seka
Lexi “Startups need real support when it gets hard. Pushing for product-market fit, driving cost-effective growth, scaling service programmatically, creating a diverse and inclusive community of employees? These are in-the-trench challenges, and Operator Collective has a whole army of folks with perspectives on those exact things.”
— Lexi Reese, Gusto COO, Operator Collective LP
Lexi Reese-COO-Gusto
Li “I'm a first generation immigrant, and I know how hard it is to get ahead when you’ve got a different background. I want to be able to provide opportunities by investing in or offering advice to help others like me shine.”
— Li Fan, Lime CTO, Operator Collective LP
Li Fan-CTO-Lime
LaFawn “What we have to offer portfolio companies is our skill set and experience. We're all willing to talk to people and help them along the way. If there's anything we have to offer, we'll give it.”
— LaFawn Davis, Indeed Group Vice President, Operator Collective LP
LaFawn Davis-Global Head of Culture & Inclusion-Twilio
Claire “We have visibility on what's happening right now in the world of successful companies, and we have our whole collective experience as operators. It's very hard to access that from the outside, but if you have an efficient way to get great advice on operational challenges, I bet a lot of portfolio companies would sign up for that.”
— Claire Hughes Johnson, Stripe COO, Operator Collective LP
Claire Hughes Johnson-CEO-Stripe
Jennifer “Operator Collective is the growth mindset personified. It’s basically taking the best operators in the industry and putting them all in the same room.”
— Jennifer Tejada, PagerDuty CEO, Operator Collective LP
Jennifer Tejada-CEO-Pager Duty
Dug “Most startups are operationally deficient. Sad, but true. A lot of founders have ideas and ambition, but don’t understand how to scale a business in a way that's sustainable, enjoyable, and ethical. Operators that have had those experiences – learning, making all the mistakes – have so much wisdom to offer these new companies that hope to be as successful as any of the ones these operators have come from.”
— Dug Song, Cisco GM, Duo Co-Founder & CEO, Operator Collective LP
Dug Song-Founder CEO Chairman GM-Duo Security
Christina “Operator Collective offers two major things. One, we bring real-life advice on how we'd use their product or company. And two, we can share our experiences and lessons learned. We’ve got a lot of wisdom built up, and we’re ready to give it to the next generation of leaders.”
— Christina Kosmowski, LogicMonitor President, Operator Collective LP
Christina Kosmowski - VP Slack
Monique “Anything you're going through, we can help. We've been there, done that, seen it. We can give you a steady and reassuring hand and you’ll know that you'll be okay, and we'll walk you through.”
— Monique Covington, Rocket Lawyer VP, Operator Collective LP
Monique-Covington Chief People Officer, Rocket Lawyer
Michelle “I love the idea behind Operator Collective. First of all, I want to help actually build companies, not just be an angel investor. Plus, it’s this collection of amazing people – and who doesn't want to be a part of good people bringing the next generation of ideas to life?”
— Michelle Zatlyn, Cloudflare Co-Founder, President, & COO, Operator Collective LP
Michelle Zatlyn-Cofounder COO-Cloudflare
Dan “There's an advantage to diversity, and I believe it’s going to help Operator Collective find and surface underappreciated founders out there.”
— Dan Scheinman, Operator Collective Senior Advisor