Words matter: Textio makes business writing more effective and inclusive

The company: Textio

Textio is an augmented writing platform that’s changing how companies work. Using language patterns and data insights, Textio helps companies be more intentional with their business writing so it has the impact they intend. At the most basic level, Textio gives businesses new ways to transform their company culture by innovating on the most powerful tool that every human has to affect change: the words we use to communicate.

It’s how you say it

The words your company uses everyday broadcast to the world what your company values. Companies like Nestle, McDonald’s, and Zillow turn to Textio when they want to get more intentional about the alignment between their words and their culture. Textio also helps ensure business language appeals broadly and is inclusive across gender, age, and ability and optimized to get a response. Apple, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, and NASA use Textio daily to make sure their values and culture shine through in their most critical communications.

The details

Think of Textio as a word processor that’s designed to predict how readers will respond and engage based on the patterns of language that are being used. The words in a job description, for example, can profoundly affect the profile of the candidate pool that applies, which in turn is a reflection of the employee base. Companies use Textio to ensure their business communications are more inclusive, deliberate, and impactful. The platform is highly instrumented to provide data and insights that flag jargon, make suggestions, and even reveal gender-coded language that the writer may not see. Textio lives at the intersection of creative writing and breakthrough innovation. That’s reflected in the credentials of its top leaders: CEO Kieran Snyder has a PhD in linguistics and cognitive science, and both she and her co-founder Jensen Harris held leadership roles at Microsoft before starting Textio.

How it works

As you’re writing, Textio is comparing your language to its vast databases of more than 600 million documents to parse the most relevant and make recommendations on language patterns that are proven to work well in a given situation. The platform continually evolves and improves via a learning loop — each user of the system makes the platform more intelligent. Textio makes predictions on who will engage with the content as it’s being written, it makes suggestions for changing something that’s just been typed, and it proactively creates language to help achieve the recruitment, corporate culture, or digital transformation objectives the business is working towards.

Why we’re obsessed

Diversity and culture are key imperatives for Operator Collective and we have high standards for this in the companies we invest in. Textio is building innovation that helps more companies create inclusive cultures, foster diversity, and build belonging.

Get involved

Now more than ever, businesses recognize that inclusion is an imperative. Meet Textio, and make your words matter.

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