Syndio: the secret to workplace equity success

The company: Syndio

Syndio is the first people analytics platform that helps companies attain — and sustain — equal pay for equal work. Its real-time software enables rapid, dynamic pay and opportunity gap analysis, without bias. By empowering companies to go from fixing equity issues to proactively monitoring and preventing them, Syndio helps businesses show employees they’re valued. 

Syndio’s origin

The company was founded in 2017 by Zev Eigen, a former law professor who wanted to bring the best technology, lawyers, statisticians, labor economists, and data scientists together to solve hard problems that make the world better. After years of applying machine learning, econometrics, and statistics to help clients audit their pay gaps and other HR risks, he realized he could spark real, lasting changes by automating this complex work for continuous analysis. He brought on Smartsheets co-founder (and mother of seven) Maria Colacurcio as CEO in 2018, and the company’s impact has mushroomed ever since.

Why you should pay attention 

With the social movements of the past few years, pay transparency has become table stakes in larger conversations about workplace equity. Employees want to know that their company values their contributions, but 82% believe their work environment lacks fairness

Many of the world’s leading businesses are finally sitting up and taking notice. Hundreds of companies, such as General Mills, Nordstrom, and Salesforce (and 10% of the Fortune 200) use Syndio to measure the pay of over 2.6 million employees in the United States — proving to their employees, regulators, investors, and themselves that people truly are their most valuable asset. 

The details 

Syndio is the only SaaS platform that not only helps companies find pay disparities based on race, gender, ethnicity, or any other demographic designation, but empowers them to fix those issues and stay in compliance over time. Its suite of tools and services includes a feature that calculates a safe pay range for new hires in order to maintain overall equity, statistical analysis that compares organizations against their peers, and easy-to-understand dashboards and interactive charts to simplify the complexities of workplace equity.

How it works

The Syndio Workplace Equity Platform analyzes a company’s internal HR and compensation data in seconds, compares it to external benchmarks, and makes it easier for companies to understand inequities across pay, promotions, and more. Syndio’s team of expert advisors also provides legal best practices, analytics expertise, and communications guidance.

Syndio helps customers measure and improve all facets of workplace equity — from reducing pay gaps to hiring, promoting, and retaining employees equitably. Unlike a point-in-time analysis, Syndio’s patent-pending PayEQ™ solution provides an always-on-view of pay equity and real-time insights that guide fair pay decisions. And the company’s newest offering, OppEQ™, helps companies measure equity in career development, set realistic diversity goals, and prioritize their greatest areas of opportunity. 

Why were obsessed 

Zev and Maria have built just the right SaaS solution at just the right time. Companies can no longer ignore rising demands to overcome bias, increase diversity, and close gender and racial pay gaps. In order to measure, achieve, and sustain workplace equity, they need objective, data-based recommendations. However, less than a third of HR professionals say their organizations are good at making positive changes based on people analytics data.

With the “great resignation” underway, businesses simply can’t afford to allow biases to fester and increase costly attrition. Truly great companies are looking for solutions like Syndio that help them embed workplace equity into their core and build diverse, dynamic teams to achieve enduring success. That’s fueled the company’s tripling of ARR for the last two years running, and we’re thrilled to support the team in bringing pay equity to even more companies in the years to come.

Get involved

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