Team productivity? Check it, then Spekit.

The company: Spekit

Spekit is the top-rated enablement and adoption solution that helps employees work self-sufficiently and smarter in the cloud.

The details

Spekit keeps your teams in sync, drives adoption of your tools, and boosts productivity by embedding your training right within any application for self-guided learning. This makes your knowledge and enablement resources available contextually from any workflow – including email, Slack, and other team productivity tools.

How it works

Spekit creates an intuitive, user-friendly interface that consolidates knowledge, policies, and playbooks from across your organization into a centralized platform. Extensions (from Chrome, Edge, Slack, Outlook, Salesforce Lightning, and more) then allow you to integrate it across applications, surfacing your definitions, processes, and enablement resources in real time, wherever you and your team need them. As you roll out new processes or resources, Spekit keeps everyone aligned by sending in-app alerts to notify your team, right where they’re working. It even helps you measure training engagement and performance with powerful analytics.

Why you should pay attention

In a work-from-home world where employees are constantly context-switching between their dozens of workflows and applications and change is constant, the old LMS or webinar-approach to training drains resources and kills productivity. Employees rarely retain that crucial knowledge when presented in such a disjointed way. 

With Spekit, learning is reinforced right where work happens, making it easy to share, communicate, and train in real-time. Spekit’s Salesforce integration is the #1 choice on G2 and the AppExchange for Salesforce documentation, training, and change communication. It’s loved by scaling technology companies like Hippo, Docsend, and Mural, along with large enterprises like Southwest Airlines, JLL, and Wolters Kluwer. You don’t need coding skills or a technical background to use the integration features. Changes will automatically sync, you can document quickly by adding images and videos, and Spekit will then intelligently embed your training to maximize efficiency. 

Don’t have time to create your own training? That’s ok, too. Spekit has partnered with vendors and industry experts on the most popular tools to provide you with customizable training content to get you started. Think: Salesforce, Outreach, Linkedin SalesNavigator, and more.

Why we’re obsessed

Spekit is changing the way we train and enable employees by allowing them to learn at their own pace, track their progress, and reinforce learning in existing workflows. Co-Founders Melanie Fellay and Zari Zahra have created a much-needed modern way for companies to create consistent learning and training experiences – and savvy companies are here for it.   

Get involved

Utilize your digital companion to accelerate learning on the go! Check out Spekit and help your teams become more efficient.

We believe culture, diversity, and operational excellence are a key part of building truly great companies. Learn more on our website or by connecting with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.