We’ve found the Origin of financial wellness

The company: Origin

Origin is a holistic financial planning platform that helps employees reach their goals.

The details

Origin provides personalized financial plans and support, as well as the resources and tools necessary to ensure every employee is financially stable. The onboarding process allows organizations to roll out the product in as little as an hour, rather than weeks. And the best part? It’s a benefit employees will actually utilize.

How it works

First, employees meet with a personal planner to discuss their goals, questions, and concerns. Next, each employee receives an individualized financial roadmap created by their Origin experts. 1:1 meetings provide the attention and detail employees need to make well informed financial decisions. From opening an emergency savings account to evaluating your insurance, your financial planner will make actionable recommendations you can accomplish through the app. We all know life doesn’t go as planned, so it’s a relief that Origin can be there to help you adapt.

Why you should pay attention

Financial stress is the number one reported issue in the workplace — and in the past year, the number of employers offering financial wellness to their employees has increased by 25%. Origin helps companies relieve that stress by eliminating seminars and time wasted on researching unhelpful financial products. Simply put? Origin is the modern approach to financial wellness for employees. 

Why we’re obsessed

Origin helps every stage of employee — from your recent graduates, to the ones starting families, and to those approaching your neighbor who is ready to retire. No employee is left behind. 

Get involved

Are you a financial advisor and want to join Origin’s network? Click here and apply today! Are you a benefits broker and want to partner with Origin? Click here for more information.

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