Get Smarter with Forethought AI

The company: Forethought

Forethought is an AI company that is changing the way businesses access, share, and leverage institutional knowledge to serve their customers. At the heart of the solution is an AI agent who can help solve, triage, and assist enterprises in their customer support workstreams. Forethought’s offering also includes robust analytics to provide actionable insights and help optimize efficiencies within the customer support organization.

The details

Bringing in Forethought is basically like adding an AI superhero to your customer support team. The AI – called Agatha – uses natural language understanding to solve common questions; it also applies collective knowledge to help agents find answers fast. Agatha helps businesses save time and increase efficiency, while also improving their abilities to provide fast and accurate answers for clients. 

How it works

Forethought has built a best-in-class artificial intelligence tool that interprets underlying intent without having to set up a series of keywords to get answers. Agatha continually gets smarter by dynamically tapping existing knowledge sources within the company – that includes everything from help articles to internal email and Slack conversations. The platform helps reduce support team workloads by intercepting common issues before they reach agents. It can categorize issues as they come into the helpdesk and route them to the right place for resolution. Agatha even suggests answers to increase agent efficiency by as much as 35%. Cool, huh?

Why you should pay attention

Forethought is unlocking the power of collective knowledge for businesses. They’re building the future of intelligent workflows in the enterprise and taking on a $30+ billion market opportunity. 

Why we’re obsessed

Founded by a team of Facebook, Dropbox, and LinkedIn alumni, Forethought’s mission is to “enable everyone to be a genius at their jobs.” The company won at TechCrunch Disrupt and was featured in Forbes 30 Under 30. And it’s already delivering outstanding results for its customers, driving down time spent working on tickets by up to 20%, increasing cases closed per hour by more than 30%, and elevating quality customer interactions one hundred percent of the time. 

Get involved

Embed intelligence into your employees’ workflows. Get Forethought and be smarter.

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