Operators are leaders who build, grow, and run companies. They include C-suite executives, founders, and others who have the operational excellence needed to create enduring value for customers, employees, and stakeholders. They span all functions — from revenue and go-to-market to product and engineering to finance, HR, and beyond.

We invest in b2b software and technology companies. We tend to look for product, early product-market fit, and repeatable revenue. You can learn more on this page.

We invest in founders of all backgrounds — humble, lifelong learners who share our belief that culture, diversity, and operational excellence are a key part of building truly great companies. Because we’ve assembled an intentionally diverse community of LPs, investors, and advisors, we expect to invest in a similarly diverse range of founders.

Our operators engage in a number of ways, which might include referring companies, advising portfolio companies, serving on boards, offering guidance, conducting diligence, and supporting founders and their operating teams at a level they’re comfortable with.

We tend to find opportunities via referrals from our community of operators, founders, and investors, but we also want to hear from those outside of our immediate network. If you’re looking for venture funding and think we might be a good fit, please introduce yourself here.

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