8 podcast recommendations to entertain and distract

Piggybacking on yesterday’s post with at-home activity suggestions, here’s a list of podcast recommendations from our Operator Collective LPs. We’ve always loved podcasts to liven up our commutes and gym time, but lately they’ve become a welcome distraction from the news. So grab your ear buds and take a mental break, starting with these eight thoughtful suggestions.

  • Where should we begin? This podcast takes you right into the office of famed couples therapist Esther Perel to listen in as real couples [anonymously] discuss the raw and intimate details of their lives. From infidelity to loss, the stories and advice teach us how to listen and relate to others. (Anita Lynch)

  • Latina to Latina. In episodes that somehow find the perfect combination of funny and meaningful, this podcast discusses the challenges of Latinas face in the business world from career growth to families to persistent systematic inequalities. It’s an insightful and emotional listen. (Lolita Taub)

  • Throwback: How did the U.S. women’s national soccer team become a phenomenon? Listen to the firsthand accounts of superstars like Mia Hamm, Michelle Akers, and Kristine Lilly as they tell the origin story of the team and track its journey to an improbable World Cup victory in 1991. (JJ Ramberg)

  • Running Remote is a timely podcast on how to build and scale remote teams. Listen in as CEOs, managers, and entrepreneurs who’ve build effective businesses through this innovative (and exploding) movement share their strategies and lessons learned. (Jenny Sohn)

  • How I Built This amplifies the growth stories behind some of today’s most popular brands. NPR’s Guy Raz holds casual conversations with innovators and entrepreneurs about how they got their businesses up and running. Each episode covers one business, so it’s fun to pick-and-choose from the ones that spark your interest. (Elena Gomez)

  • Hidden Brain: This NPR podcast combines science with storytelling to explain the unconscious patterns of human behavior. Keep it positive with fascinating episodes on things like the power of imagination or why we love surprises. Or for something more of-the-moment, try this episode on lessons from the 1918 flu pandemic. (Anirma Gupta)

  • Founded and Funded: The partners at Madrona VG launched this podcast to allow founders and entrepreneurs to share their challenges, mistakes, turning points, and “moments of truth.” The podcast offers critically useful information for anyone building a business directly from the people in the trenches themselves. (Laura Butler)

  • Great Women of Business explores groundbreaking women who revolutionized our world (though you may not have realized just how much) like Julia Child, Susan Wojcicki, and Coco Chanel. Each episode weaves their entrepreneurial stories with business principles and the result is 60 minutes of inspiration. (Ruthie Miller)

Need more podcast recommendations? Operator Collective’s own JJ Ramberg just launched Goodpods, a podcast player where you can follow your friends and influencers (ranging from Dan Harris of ABC News to Kim Kardashian) to see what they’re listening to. Check it out and let us know what you find and be sure to share your podcast recs with us on Twitter at @OperatorCollect

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